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Oh boy, friends, Starburns sure has some strangeness on the horizon! Is that a beer-swilling Sasquatch behind the wheel of a vintage Corvette, burning rubber on the dusty highway? And don't look now, but the news says those lights in the sky are actually warmongering aliens from Planet Wrestletopia itching for a grudge match against the people of Earth! Or...well, isn't that a lot of space stuff going on out there? No, to the left of those other lights, see? It's the Starship Gryffen, fleeing a galactic Federation promising a Utopia enforced by clandestine fascism. And that spark of fire in the distance? Don't mind that, it's just Cherry, the devil's prankster granddaughter and she wants you to play 'Pick Your Perdition,' you decide your own fate while helping Briggy Bundy's former band seek their new front man. And because it isn't really a sneak peak of Starburns Industries Press without some quirky comedy, Josh Fadem of 30 Rock fame offers a sneak peek of his humor tome, 'A Whole New Set of Problems.' Rating: Teen
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